Gallery Tyzengauz Rambler's Top100


september 2005 “Impression” - the exhibition of the Union of Polish Artists in Belarus
october 2005 "In search of a blue bird" Sergej Shemet, painting
november 2005 Debut – Mood” Marianna Skomoroshchenko, Sergey
Aleksievich, photography
december 2005 “Birds’ Paradise” Tatiana Kozik , tapestry
january 2006 Puppets and Images” exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of t the Grodno Puppet Theatre
febrary 2006 “The Formula of Love” Vasilij Martynchuk , painting, sculpture, ceramics  
march 2006 Sergej and Anton Cybizov "Кистью и пером", живопись, графика
april 2006 “Invisible Presence” Andrey Stureiko, painting
may 2006 “The Dialogue” Ales Marachkin, Igar Marachkin, painting
september 2004 “The White Day” Vladimir Bludnik, lithography, Mark Maksimovich, ornamental art
october 2004 “Summer in Autumn” Ivan Klimenko and Anna Klimenko, ornamental art  
november 2004 “Autumn Fermata. Dedicated to the city where my music of colours is heard”, Olga Buhovka, painting
december 2004 “The Vegetation” Aleksandr Boldakov, painting, installation
january 2005 “The Year of the Cock” Vatslav Sporsky, painting
febrary2005 “The Rhythms” Vasiliy Martynck, painting, sculpture, ceramics
march 2005 Nikolay Beluga (Poland), painting
march 2005 "The Twelve Months of the Year" Andrej Sturejko, painting"
april 2005 “Coloured Dreams” Anna Silivonchik, painting
april2005 “Country Sketchings” Aleksandr Ovchinnikov, painting, graphics
may 2005 “The Angel’s Day” Petr Yanushkevich, painting
september 2003 Anatoliy Skomoroshchenko’s painting  
november 2003 “The Sweet Images of Homeland” Valentina Brisach, painting
january 2004 “The Krivich Woman” Svetlana Barankovskaya, tapestry
febrary2004 “The Nameless Fantasy” Sergey Konik, origami
march 2004 Egor Kotkin’s batik, “Spring. Changes. New Names” V. Peshkun, painting
april 2004 “My Atlantis” Ales Marachkin, painting
may 2004 “A Letter+An Artist” Evgeniy Mateshuk, calligraphy
september 2002 “The Three “B”s” group exhibition, graphics, photography
november 2002 Nikolay Sklyar, sculpture
december2002 “My Homeland...” Vladimir Churavskiy, painting
january 2003 “Metamorphoses” Dmitriy Kuznetsov, painting
febrary 2003 “The Native Land” Kastus Kachan, painting
march 2003 "Le femme"Leonid Medvedskiy, painting
april 2003 Vitebsk artists’ group exhibitionVitebsk artists’ group exhibition  
may 2003 “The Flowers” Vladimir Sidyakin, painting  
october 2001 “Christmas Allegories” Vatslav Sporsky, painting  
november 2001 “Post factum” Andrey Filipovich, painting  
december 2001 “Composition ¹...” Leonid Medvedskiy (Vitebsk), painting  
january 2002 “Surrealism” Ruslan Karchauli, painting  
febrary 2002 Nikolay Pashkevich (the USA), painting  
march 2002 “The Melody of Colour” Aleksandr Bogustov, painting  
april 2002 “Quantum Art” Ivan Rusachek, Elena Rusachek, Aleksandr Boldakov, Evgeniy Zhivnov, installation and painting
may 2002 Marina Dubovik’s painting, sculpture  
november 2000 “The World Through A Woman’s Eyes” – “The Female Style” group exhibition  
december 2000 “The Native Land” Dmitriy Ivanovskiy, painting
january2001 “The Impression” Vladimir Sidyakin, painting
febrary 2001 “The Three “I”s” Olga Buhovka, Vladimir Skomoroshchenko, Darya Eskevich, young artists’ group exhibition
march 2001 “The partnership of artists and craftsmen of the Grodno region” group exhibition, painting and ornamental art
april 2001 “The Moth’s Flight” Konstantin Borin, modern graphics
may 2001 “The Inspiration” Gennadiy Pitsko, painting
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